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Specialist Removal and Relocation

The Removal Hub provides a specialist removal package that has been designed to move sensitive and fragile items that are susceptible to damage during transit. Our service takes extra care with these high-value items. We store, move and secure these items depending on the unique needs of the piece. Our climate controlled trucks create a perfect environment for fine art that could otherwise be permanently damaged by extreme heat or cold.
Fragile antique furniture is firmly secured to avoid movement in transit and particular care is taken to protect unique design flourishes that may be particularly susceptible to damage.

For more information on our fragile items transport procedures, get in contact with The Removal Hub today.

Long haul Specialist Item Removal

In cases where specialist items are to be transported for long distances, distances that will necessitate various different vehicles, extra care must be taken. With our years of experience and strong ties to third party transport companies, we’re able to offer clients a comprehensive item relocation service that prioritises the safety of your item.
We work closely with all third party transport hubs to ensure adequate precautions are taken when moving the specialist item in question.
We guarantee clients that no matter the distance their fragile item has to cover, on every step of the journey all safety and precautionary steps will be undertaken to protect the item from damage.

If you need to transport a specialist item, get in contact with The Removal Hub today.